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My name is Linnette. I go to UCSC and I am from Orange County. I post about anything I like... about concerts, music, travel, life, etc...

Yo sé que es imposible que me quieras, que tu amor para mi fue pasajero…

The only relationship I can compare to having a brother is the relationship I have with Gael. We have been with each other forever, and will be there for the rest. — Diego Luna (x)

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The xx: Reconsider (Jamie xx Remix)

"the first time we met, we hated each other." "no, you didn’t hate me, i hated you. the second time we met, you didn’t even remember me" "i did too, i remembered you. the third time we met, we became friends." "we were friends for a long time." "and then we weren’t." "and then we fell in love."

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